Product Information

Here are a few helpful guides and information that may help you select just the right product.
What is Toile de Jouy? 
Toile de jouy printed on fabric is a repeating pattern usually depicting a pastoral scene, such as a picnic by a lake, or farm workers. It combines with a floral pattern and can be in pinks, blues, greens, reds or charcoal colours, amongst others.
Do not confuse toile de jouy with a simple toile pattern, which does not depict a pastoral scene.
A toile print is simply any repeating pattern - so when you are choosing your purchase don't be fooled by retailers offering for sale items as toile de jouy that really are just a toile pattern.
Understanding Curtain Measurements:
Curtains are usually sold in pairs.  The size on the pack refers to each individual curtain. The total width for both curtains should be roughly two times the width of the curtain track or pole.  The header tape can then be gathered to a desired width to give a rich full appearance.
If for example a pair of curtains shows sizing of 66" x 72" - the 66" size  refers to the width of one of the curtain panels before being gathered.  The 72" measurement would be the drop.
What is Percale and what does the thread count mean?
The word Percale describes the weave of fabric, not its content, so Percale can be a mixture of 50/50 polyester and cotton or 100% cotton or a mixture of other fabrics in any ratio.
A Percale weave has a thread count of 180 threads per square inch or over, and gives a super soft feel to fabric